Do I have to pay any money upfront?

Rasmussen Home Exteriors requires the full amount of the first check from your insurance company plus your deductible the day the work begins. Then a few weeks after your installation is complete, you will receive the final payment from your insurance company (depreciation check) and make your final payment.

What is covered under your warranty?

Your new roof will come with the manufacturer's material warranty, which protects you against defects in the shingle, such as discoloration, cracking, and granual loss. You also receive a 10 year "No Leak Warranty." This warranty guarantees our customers receive our highest quality job, and it is the longest warranty in the industry.

How long does it take to replace my roof?

Most roof replacements are completed within 2 days. Our crews clean your property of debris daily.

What happens if you find rotted wood decking under my shingles?

With our "NO LEAK" warranty, we replace all rotted decking. We replace up to 3 sheets of decking at no charge. Each additional sheet would be a charge of $37. Using more than 3 sheets is rare.

Is it alright for my roofing company to be here during the insurance inspection?

Yes! The insurance companies welcome meeting with the homeowner's contractor. In most cases it speeds up the insurance process, and makes sure that both the insurance adjuster and your roofing contractor agree on the damages to be covered by your insurance company.

Will filing a claim make my premiums increase or for my policy to be cancelled?

NO! Most states, including Georgia, make it illegal to cancel or single you out for increases in your premiums because you filed a storm damage claim or any other "Act of God" claim. However, insurance companies can raise rates for all homeowners in a certain zip code, if it is considered an area with catastrophic damage.

What steps are involved in the claims process?

In the claims process we will:

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